The legendary VANGUARD OF FREEDOM star in Book Two of their first super-sized adventure. This issue is by Steve Perrin, Chris Marrinan, Gordon Purcell, Dennis Mallonee, and Ulderico Fioretti.

Travel back with us into the Golden Age of Heroes! With the specter of all-out war looming on the horizon, it's up to GIANT, DOCTOR ARCANE, BRITANNIA, and ROLAND HUNTER to find new allies to join them in their quest to deal with the machinations of the Third Reich's most sinister occultists, the sorcerers of Thule.

Also in this issue, bonus pinups by Ulderico Fioretti, plus role-playing game stats so that you can play members of the Vanguard in your ICONS campaign.

Cover by Gordon Purcell and Ulderico Fioretti

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General Audience
Standard Comic Book; 28 color pages plus covers
Retail Price: $4.99 US, $5.75 Canada
Printing at Ka-Blam Digital Printing
Distributed by Heroic Distribution
UPC: 8-83150-22324-2
Five-digit supplemental code: 01011

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