"Assault on the Avery Mansion"

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The 6th issue of BLACK ENCHANTRESS will feature a booklength 24-page adventure by Dannis Mallonee and Gordon Purcell that pits our wicked little WitchGirl against the combined power of two of her greatest enemies. The mysterious MISTER MONOCLE and the hell-goddess LILITU are back, staging an "Assault on the Avery Mansion," with a small army of demon-possessed college students on their side.

And some of those college students are people Andrea just might think of as friends!

Can the Black Enchantress put an end to this home invasion without doing harm to the innocent? Or does she even care whether or not some of them get hurt?

We're looking to you to help us find the answers to those questions, and bring this project to completion. The story has been written, and Gordon is eager to start on the artwork. Every dollar you contribute will bring us that much closer to getting this issue into print.

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